Ministry Education Questionnaire
Do you presently hold a degree? If so, which?
Do you have a desire to learn more about God's Word in a structured setting?
Are you willing to invest ~9 hrs per week-per class to receive a degree while learning God's Word?
Do you need to finish a degree?
Would you be willing to apply for financial aid?
Are you computer savvy?
Are you familiar with Huntsville Bible College
If you are familiar with Huntsville Bible College would you consider attending should you decide to go to college?
Do you consider yourself a life-long learner?
When was the last time you attended college?
How many classes would you take at a time?
What hinders you from attending college?
Which would you prefer if you should consider attending college?
Which degree would you pursue?
Would you be interested in Saturday classes?
Would you be interested in short term (8-weeks) satellite classes?

Thanks for submitting!