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Rev. H. Wendell Thompson 

H. Wendell Thompson.png

Purpose: The Awards Committee is to recommend to the general body the names of all candidates the committee believes have demonstrated those qualities that would make them an appropriate recipient of any award given by the GHIMF

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Min. Eloise McNealey &

Min. Fred Whitlow

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Purpose:  This group shall provide the Fellowship with the mechanism for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the community.  It shall unite the combined religious community resources in an all-out-effort to spread the Good News.

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Finance/Ways and Means

Rev. Earla Lockhart


Purpose:   Work to provide adequate finances to support the budget and activities of the Fellowship and work closely with all standing committees in carrying out their program.

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Music & Arts

Rev. Dr. Janet Kotey


Purpose:  This committee is to plan, organize, and facilitate the music ministry for all programs and events sponsored by the GHIMF.

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Pastoral Wellness

Rev. Dr. Roland Hill


Purpose:  The purpose of the Pastoral Wellness Committee (PWC) is to promote and encourage the well-being of the members of GHIMF and to reach out to smaller pastorates with possible help

for mental, physical, spiritual, and technological support.

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Rev. Dr. Mario Ford


Purpose:  The Program Committee shall plan and present to the Fellowship activities they are recommending to that body.

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Youth Outreach

Rev. Dr. Earl Johnson


Purpose:  The Youth Outreach Committee shall serve as GHIMF advocate for the youth of Huntsville, Madison County, and the surrounding area.  It shall recommend to the body outreach programs, activities, and events that will assist local churches in encouraging youth to walk with the Lord and grow spiritually to Christian maturity.  This is a recommending body and shall take no action without the approval of the general body.

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Rev.  Larry Smith


Purpose: The Benevolence Committee shall receive, review and make recommendations concerning all requests for benevolent assistance.

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Rev. Errol Davis


Purpose:  The Education Committee shall guide the Fellowship in educational programs of a religious nature.  It shall recommend to the General Body the type and form of education programs to be sponsored by the Fellowship.

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Rev. Theromiles Flowers

Theromiles Flowers.jpg

Purpose:  Work throughout the year to maintain and/or increase the membership of the Fellowship

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Rev. Dr. Mitchell Walker


Purpose:  The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting the best-qualified candidates to serve as officers of this fellowship.

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Rev. Earla Lockhart


Purpose:  This committee is responsible for publicizing all GHIMF activities in the local press and on radio, television, via the internet (GHIMF website), and other media.

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Social Action

Rev. Dr. Randy Kelley


Purpose:  The purpose of the Social Action Committee is to identify the social, political, and economic issues impacting our nation in general and the local community in specific and direct the general body toward plausible solutions for said issues.  The Committee is a recommending body only and shall take no action without the approval of the Fellowship.

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